The design philosophy of Roy & Posey is to create functional, cost effective, aesthetically pleasing and environmentally sensitive architecture. Our first priority is to work closely with each client and become familiar with their concerns and goals. The principals take the time to research the inner workings of each project. They study and become familiar with the client’s program; they listen and develop a working dialog which becomes the design direction for the project all of which is done to meet each individual client’s needs.

The project team’s principle objective is to assure the client that they have what they need and that the project will be completed on time and on budget. This "hands on" approach is the key to controlling costs and meeting schedules. The principal-in-charge directs the design process, selects the consultants, attends all key meetings, remains on the project from the initial interview through construction and is at all times accessible to the client.

We are architects committed to a shared vision: the ability of design to enrich and transform lives. Our focus on healthcare and academic building design gives us an opportunity to participate with our clients in the roles of healing, discovery and teaching. Roy & Posey pushes the envelope" to create places of beauty while, simultaneously, solving extremely complex functional and physical problems.

This is not a singular endeavor, nor do we view our buildings as singular landmarks. Our work is highly collaborative and contextual, taking cues from dynamic human interactions and accomplishments, as well as from the surrounding built environment, both real and symbolic. Our clients are our partners in creating places that serve important societal purposes. What makes our architectural firm exciting and our work compelling? It is our dedication to create great buildings which reflect our clients' aspirations to serve greater societal purposes.